Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
7 Jun 2021
8:32 am

D-Day 77th anniversary: Those boys gave us our today

Brendan Seery

Cowboys don’t cry … but they can, and do, find solace in the bottle. D-Day is an Allied celebration.

Picture: Sameer Al-Doumy / POOL / AFP

My God! They’re so young! That’s what first strikes you looking at the picture of American soldiers in a landing craft heading for the beaches of France on D-Day, 77 years ago yesterday. They look like they should be out playing football, or enjoying a milkshake down at the local drug store, like teenagers do. But there is one face whose cherubic innocence draws you to the middle of the frame. He looks as though he doesn’t even shave and probably hasn’t yet fallen in love. He and most of the others would have been dead, or gravely wounded, within...