Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
7 Jun 2021
8:02 am

Win a gun if you get vaccinated? Yep. It’s ‘Muricah again.

Jennie Ridyard

In California, those vaccinated are entered in a draw for cash prizes totalling $116 million (R1.5 billion).

Picture: Neil McCartney

West Virginia is giving away guns to people who get a Covid-19 vaccine – guns, hunting licences, trucks, holidays, university scholarships, and maybe even a million bucks. Yes, it’s the Fathers’ Day vaccine lottery: come get your first jab, all you vaccine-naysayers, and you stand a chance of winning huge prizes, including one of 10 guns, in the state with the eighth-highest level of gun violence in the United States. New York has a vaccination lottery for teenagers offering 50 college scholarships; they’re also handing out state park passes alongside the injection. In California, those vaccinated are entered in a...