Martin Williams
3 minute read
2 Jun 2021
8:06 am

An injection we all need

Martin Williams

Many politicians and officials have been implicated in Covid-related scandals. For survival, SA needs an injection of new government.

Picture: Neil McCartney

Hype around Covid-19 vaccinations is unwarranted. The rollout is too slow and inefficient for the third wave of infections which is upon us. In comparison, the first wave of vaccinations is a ripple. Without a heavier injection of private sector energy there is no way the target of vaccinating 40 million people by year-end will be achieved. At the current rate, it could take another 19 years to reach herd immunity. In theory, the private sector is coming to the rescue, and all will be well. ALSO READ: Discovery worried we’ll run out of vaccines, as J&J jabs being probed...