Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
10 May 2021
6:32 am

Load shedding shows just how normalised corruption is

Jennie Ridyard

We anticipate load shedding, accept it, and we’re even grateful to be given a timetable for rolling blackouts.

Eskom announced stage 1 load shedding. Picture: iStock

Now we know, thanks to a News24 exposé, that corruption at Eskom ran so deep that neither the company, nor the country, has the capacity to pursue every crooked recipient of a money-stuffed under-the-table envelope – or more likely a money-stuffed Louis Vuitton suitcase. For me, the final straw was learning that the value of the suspect contracts awarded could have vaccinated South Africa’s entire population twice over. Sorry… Make that 20 times over! I had to double check, because my brain couldn’t comprehend it: R178 billion! That’s just for starters: another R800 billion’s worth of potentially dodgy deals has...