Danie Toerien
2 minute read
14 Jul 2020
6:31 am

No booze and no ciggies? I’m going AWOL

Danie Toerien

No, Mr President, I’m sorry, but some rules of engagement just shouldn’t be fiddled with.

Cigarettes and alcohol. Picture: iStock

Wasn’t Sunday evening just absolutely magic? It was like a scene from a World War II movie. The wind was howling outside. Thanks to load shedding, all the lights were off. It was exactly like the blackouts in London designed to keep the Nazi bombers in the dark. The glow from the fire made eerie, jumping shadows on our faces as I topped up our glasses with the most exquisite Shiraz. We were all huddled around my cellphone, waiting for the news. Then the president started speaking. The live streaming had a strange echo, so much so that we could...