Can FHM get tasered? The unrealised dream!

Can FHM get tasered? The unrealised dream!

Hagen Engler. Picture: Supplied

For me, one of my unrealised achievements is witnessing a naked man in a nappy getting shocked to death while he poos himself.

Oh, it was the salad days of that time. We were journalists on a magazine, and people still read magazines, so life was good. Also this was a fun-ass magazine: FHM, a mag for young men with a twinkle in their eye and a taste for mischief. Our stock in trade was well-styled shoots of beautiful women in bikinis and lingerie, ideally posing on beaches on exotic Indian Ocean islands. That was the content that sold us millions of magazines, but that wasn’t the fun stuff. I mean, sure it’s not awful to stand on a beach in your shorts,...




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