Our politicians are parasites killing us, their host

Our politicians are parasites killing us, their host

EFF and ANC councillors can be seen walking out of the Tshwane council meeting, collapsing Council, 16 January 2020. Picture: Jacques Nelles

Everywhere you look, South Africa’s wider population are the victims.

On social media recently, someone wondered about whether parasites instinctively know how far they can go on feasting on their host before that host dies … An interesting truth is that the deadly ebola virus is less widespread than the coronavirus because, although it is highly infectious, it usual kills its hosts quickly and before it can replicate and spread. Our politicians are parasites – on our people. They are so focused on their own gorging and their attempts to replicate through securing more power for their parties, that they are neglecting the host. It goes without saying that the...




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