Do the right thing and pay up, Soweto

Do the right thing and pay up, Soweto

Residents of Soweto march from Uncle Tom’s Hall to the Diepkloof Eskom offices in Soweto, 26 February 2020, to hand over a memorandum of demands about opposition to paying for electicity. Picture: Tracy Lee Stark

If poverty-stricken residents of C Section at Duncan Village in East London and Khayelitsha in Cape Town are paying, why not Soweto?

Eskom is struggling to keep its head above water and is on the verge of collapse – so all those who do not pay their power bills, including Soweto residents, must start paying. There is no excuse for resisting to pay as Soweto is no longer regarded part of the poorest of the poor, except for patches of poverty in some areas. Sowetans need to understand that the anti-apartheid struggle many of us fought is over. We need to make our democratic system work. This means it’s time we all pay for the services we receive. The boycott strategy became...




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