Whack the kids in parliament at the ballot box

Whack the kids in parliament at the ballot box

The National Assembly. Picture: Amanda Watson

They’re reliving their school days, refusing to do their homework. And they’re being richly compensated.

It’s a miracle. And hard to believe. Yes, SA is still on the map. Still surviving, despite a political system that’s rotten and a breeding ground for incompetent and self-serving idiots. And among them brainless street fighters. How is it that the majority of South Africans who are decent and law-abiding tolerate a parliament that has been transformed into a crucible of pigs fodder, gone to the dogs. Sorry, pigs and dogs, the expressions are probably a bit unjust, but there’s no other way of describing the goings-on of politicos who clearly lack intelligence and common decency. How long are...




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