Feeling Naafi about Cyril’s Sona is understandable

Feeling Naafi about Cyril’s Sona is understandable

President of South Africa Cyril Ramaphosa. Picture: Phando Jikelo/African News Agency(ANA

Figures are open to manipulation but we are undeniably in a downward spiral of low economic growth, high unemployment and rising debt.

A country in crisis deserves a spell-binding, inspirational State of the Nation address (Sona). Give us hope, President Cyril Ramaphosa. Show us that you have the vision, courage and political support to turn South Africa’s fortunes around. Lead us to the promised land of a better life for all. Fat chance. Ramaphosa is so hobbled by the radical economic transformation (RET) wing within the ANC that he cannot announce the necessary steps, even if he wanted to do so. Which he doesn’t. Sona annually spawns “real” or “alternative” state of the nation assessments, each with its own slant. Figures are...




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