Rhetoric can’t save SAA, Magashule and EFF

Rhetoric can’t save SAA, Magashule and EFF

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Magashule and his supporters represent a faction of the ANC so out of touch with reality that they say publicly ‘SAA can be rescued as a national airline’.

It would seem the penny has finally dropped at Luthuli House on the futility of endless bailouts to South African Airways (SAA). When the chairperson of the ruling party. Minister Gwede Mantashe, finally goes public and says for everyone to hear that government coffers are not bottomless, it shows progress of some kind, although at a very late stage in the game. SAA has not made a profit in the last decade. Without government bailouts it would have folded ages ago, but because it was a convenient vehicle through which certain groups looted government funds it was propped up and...




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