Mbalula’s road deaths ‘success’ is a national tragedy

Mbalula’s road deaths ‘success’ is a national tragedy

The scene of a deadly car crash in Limpopo, December 2019. Photos: Supplied

Whatever the ‘success’ the transport minister noted in the festive season traffic report, 53 people a day die on SA roads.

While Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula was crowing about the 10% drop in road fatalities over the festive period, experts were warning that it is premature to start popping champagne corks just yet. Automobile Association spokesperson Layton Beard warned that the figures released by Mbalula this week were “preliminary” and the final number may rise. Although there was a 3% reduction in the number of crashes over the period, driving safety expert Eugene Herbert of MasterDrive said just over nine times as many people had died on our roads over the festive season than the 176 people who died when Iran...




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