Memories of Hansie Cronje’s ‘will to win’

Memories of Hansie Cronje’s ‘will to win’

Heinz Schenk.

I can’t and won’t lie – like many others, I adored the man. Yet, as we’re now well aware of, Cronje’s motives were shockingly self-serving.

Exactly 20 years ago today, Hansie Cronje enthralled world cricket with his unorthodox and daring plan to conjure up a single innings shootout in the fifth Test between the Proteas and England in Centurion. Following three consecutive days of washouts, the legendary and then disgraced South African captain seemingly shed his conservative image and manufactured a result. I remember coming back from school on that Tuesday. I had just started Grade 8 and, like a typically overdramatic teenager, felt so “out-of-touch” with my beloved sport because my life was suddenly so “busy” with orientation, groentjiekonsert (a traditional Grade 8 concert...




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