We’re thanking cavemen for fire, Eskom

We’re thanking cavemen for fire, Eskom

Danie Toerien.

I made the fire not because I had invented it, or because I needed it for heating or protection. I made a fire because we were load shedded.

The year was 505 897 BC. The exact date is unknown, because the calendar as you and I know it, was not yet invented. Neither was the concept of 24 hours in day. And just to be clear, that’s the real BC. Not “before computers”, although the difference is ridiculously small. WhaWha was making a fire for only the third time in his life. He discovered this wonderful chemical reaction by accident, but it changed his world forever. (WhaWha did not know how to spell his name because the written word would only follow close on half a million years...




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