Our reality casts a pall over any festive cheer

Our reality casts a pall over any festive cheer

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Perhaps reality will have to bite a little harder before the message sinks home. Brace yourself for Eskom’s stage 8. Or even 10?

The end of the school term came early this year, with the seaside-bound traffic already snaking down to the coast. And an economy deep in the doldrums meant that business and industry was slowing earlier than usual, ahead of the festive season’s total shutdown. Under such conditions of reduced electrical demand, a nation gatvol of government crises, institutional collapses and political scandals was looking forward to a happy holiday. Instead, Eskom, out of the blue, imposed an unprecedented stage 6 load shedding, with rolling blackouts of up to four-and-a-half hours a day. That there were no outage timetables available, is...




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