It may be time for us to stop dating our ‘types’

It may be time for us to stop dating our ‘types’

Kabelo Chabalala poses for a picture at the Pretoria News offices in the Pretoria CBD, 20 June 2018, Pretoria. Picture: Jacques Nelles

More often than not, what builds love cannot be seen but has to be felt and experienced.

Wedding season is upon us and in full swing. Over the weekend, I was invited to a beautiful matrimonial occasion, where love, joy and the coming of two families was fully embraced. I was personally reminded of my lack of luck in this department. I am talking about the area of love, being in love and staying in love. The truth is, I also want to be the one taking a makoti (wife) one day. However, I realised that for all my adult dating life, the people around me tell me this: “Kabelo, you have a type.” This means that...




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