Stop being a sourpuss, EFF

Stop being a sourpuss, EFF

EFF spokesperson Mbuyiseni Ndlozi speaks about his controversial tweets about the Springboks. Picture: Screenshot (eNCA)

They would rather people not have any good times, because their dialectical insights do not allow any space for joy.

As one of the country’s hardest working demotivational speakers and purveyors of gloom, I do love a good whinge. Seriously. Few things are as satisfying as bursting someone’s bubble of blissful ignorance with a barrage of facts and figures, and watch them question their entire existence. Recently I sat down with a group of young matric pupils, eager to finish high school and enter the world of work and tertiary education. I broke down the dire state of our economy and reminded them that the country’s current unemployment rate stands at just under 30%. But that isn’t all. The youth...




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