A real rainbow for this country could be in the offing

Image: Twitter/Prof Makau Mutua.

Image: Twitter/Prof Makau Mutua.

If the intelligence and intellectualism of three young entrepreneurs show the calibre of youngsters coming up in the ranks, this country can still be saved.

The future of our battered country is in good hands. But I’ll probably not be around to share in the real rainbow. Unless putrefying brain cells are renewed and a calcified lower back is replaced.

Why this sudden optimism in a land ruled by incompetents?

Just by chance I sipped and supped with three young entrepreneurs: Mpumelelo, Khethi and Percy.

And, to my initial discomfort, ardent ANC cardholders, presupposing this whitey was in for a drubbing. I anticipated being called a crony of Helen of the Mountain Goats.


The small talk evolved into an exchange kept on both an intellectual and intelligent level. No preconceived notions. Not a gram of racism – in fact, Khethi said that for a white man I still looked good for my age. (A compliment not shared among my own). And I sensed no sign of patronisation.

It soon dawned that these three modern-day musketeers were taking the ANC apart – gatvol of corrupt parliamentarians, fat cat union leaders and ignorant clowns in the youth league.

Tender manipulators in the business sector also came in for a tongue lashing that had Mpumelelo choking on his Coke.

Percy filed out against the lazy sun-soakers awaiting hand-outs they squander in shebeens. Instead they should be trying to find jobs, however menial.

Khethi, involved in economic housing, said there were many opportunities for the unemployed to become tradesmen in the building sector. Instead of unsustainable promises of jobs, the government should rather encourage big business to create proper training schemes in the trades.

Mugabe and other despots also added spice to the juicy steaks and pap off the braai.

Instead of just knocking these horrible okes, they sketched informed background pieces explaining why African men in power turn into ogres.

And then they turned their attention to Helen Zille. No nastiness, but rather advice as to what she and Mmusi Maimane should do to either make the DA a more effective opposition or entirely wrest power from the ANC.

If this is the calibre of youngsters coming up in the ranks, this country can still be saved.

Cliff Buchler.

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