Every dinosaur has its day

Every dinosaur has its day

I suppose Dinosaur Day could, in fact, be the ideal vehicle to teach people about the extinction of species.

Happy Dinosaur Day. Yes, that’s right, today is Dinosaur Day. And no, I’m not taking the mickey. If you don’t believe me, ask Mrs Google.

I honestly don’t know why there should be a day specifically allocated to celebrating dinosaurs. It’s not as if we can go to our local dinosaur sanctuary and adopt a little T Rex.

Imagine attempting to domesticate one of those vicious little creatures from Jurassic Park. I’m not sure my cats would approve. I’m also not sure my cats would survive.

Reading about Dinosaur Day did get me thinking how we would treat them if they were still around. Would we hunt them? Or breed them and eat them? Would we train them? Or maybe race them?

A dinosaur derby at Turffontein could be a crowd pleaser. Add to that a 100 ton Argentinosaurus on a spit, and you could potentially feed the crowd for a week. Who would want a guard dog when you could have a raptor patrolling the perimeter of your home?

Or maybe I’m looking at the wrong side of the coin. Maybe the dinosaurs would be training us, or farming with people?

I suppose Dinosaur Day could, in fact, be the ideal vehicle to teach people about the extinction of species.

A fossil hunt – similar to the annual Easter egg hunt – is apparently a popular activity to stimulate interest among children about dinosaurs and archaeology.

Seeing that celebrations are usually associated with food and gifts, I can’t help wondering what the best meal would be to celebrate Dinosaur Day.

Undoubtedly, something vegetarian would be the safest option. Seeing that birds are the closest surviving relatives of dinosaurs, poultry would be a no-no. One cannot possibly celebrate an animal by eating its kin.

If dinosaurs are not your thing though, don’t despair.

Today is also Straw Hat Day. Dinkum. And Chocolate Chip Day, Nylon Stockings Day, and International Day of Families. So, I propose tonight we all have a family dinner while wearing straw hats and nylon stockings. On the menu, may I suggest a chocolate chip salad.

Danie Toerien

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