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Idiocy at the top rules supreme

Idiocy at the top rules supreme

Having suffered through the goings on in parliament recently I concluded that our president played the perfect part of the village idiot.

This proverbial character is defined as a person locally known for ignorance or stupidity. But it is also a common term for a stereotypically silly or nonsensical person.

The term has also been applied as an epithet for an unrealistically optimistic or naive individual. We are referring here to the president of the country, a person expected to display a measure of intellect, tolerance and understanding. Statesmanship in action. Knowledgeable. Treating the running of the country as a top priority. Seriously considering each problem and challenge as they affect the nation under his leadership.

But what do we have? A president treating his audience which after all, represent the people, with derision, scorn. Virtually every question requiring a serious answer was met with audible sniggers – in some cases with outright laughter. He even kept this up while the next question was posed, showing no respect for the new questioner.

The speaker, whether or not deliberate, joined in the hyena chorus by trying to explain the rules of supplementary questions to the already derided members. To me the so-called out of order questions made more sense than the legitimate (sic) ones.

It was these that mostly tickled the president’s fancy, bringing on the giggles. In effect, what our president was saying, don’t ask me questions putting me and the party in a poor light. Stick to the script, you dumb asses. Heh, heh, heh.

The more cerebral among the ANC must cringe every time their leader appears before the mic. Because, inevitably, he shows up his weaknesses. Intellectually poor, naïve and totally out of touch with reality.

They must ask the question: what possessed us to elect such a person? One who would allow the state to be captured? Why are we still allowing him to continue to laugh at us? But now, my question: does the ANC really care? Is it content to support a leader, whether or not the village idiot incarnate, as long as it hangs on to power? Supporters in parliament gave their leader a standing ovation after question time. Evidently, there’s the answer.

Cliff Buchler

Cliff Buchler

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