Skolopad has taken pursuit of fame too far

Picture: Twitter

Picture: Twitter

To be popular in SA do you need to prance around like a semi-naked ageing Nicki Minaj?

I f you were watching the Metro FM awards, then you too will have seen and will probably never forget the sight that is Nonhlanhla Queen Skolopad Qwabe.

Perhaps you are not familiar with the name but I am talking about the lady with the infamous yellow dress … better described as the yellow piece of material.

If one pays attention to her photos and videos, the dress did actually have the potential to cover her private parts and the tattoo that she seemed eager to show the world, but the 40-something-year-old lady was so desperate for us to see her buttocks that she kept on pulling the dress back, lifting her legs to expose herself.

Even as she danced, she forcefully pulled back whatever material was covering her and giving her some decency.

The intention here was clearly not only to get our attention but to make sure we remembered her for a while to come.

This really got me thinking about the price of wanting to be a recognisable face in the South African media industry.

Is it possible that this woman has resorted to nudity because she could get attention no other way? Is it possible that she started singing fully clothed and nobody took her seriously, so she decided to throw whatever dignity was left to the wayside and present herself to the world as an ageing Nicki Minaj?

See the difference in the outfits that were on show at the awards – Bonang, Ntando Duma and even Nhlanhla Nciza were fully clothed.

Big names in the industry were fully dressed. They brought their talent and hard work to the table and we didn’t have to worry about their lady bits.

I too remember when Kelly Khumalo first joined the industry and Khanyi Mbau tried to stay relevant.

Nudity was the order of the day. Is that really what it takes in South Africa to be popular?

If that is the case, considering the financial returns of being famous in South Africa, is it really worth it? I think not.

Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo

Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo


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