Danie Toerien
2 minute read
18 May 2021
8:15 am

Made my cross, got the T-shirt

Danie Toerien

Before every election, we consider which T-shirt we will be wearing for the next five years. There are blue ones and red ones and green ones and all different multicoloured ones.

According to the IEC, this registration weekend will be the last opportunity for voters to register ahead of the local government elections.

While shopping for some winter clothing, I again realised how complex a procedure buying an outfit actually is. I watched as people carefully selected garments, holding them up against their bodies in front of a mirror, tilting their heads slightly, tucking at it and putting it back on the rail, just to repeat the process all over again. Then, eventually, when they have selected a few items, they go to the change room. I’m not privy to what happens in that little cubicle, but know that’s where the final decision is made. And looking at some of the outfits, I...