Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
10 Feb 2021
7:31 am

Unemployment, GBV, floods…we are in a real state of despair

Cliff Buchler

Is there anything out there to lift our depression?

An unemployed man holds a self-made advertising board offering his services at a traffic intersection in Cape Town, South Africa 10 March 2017. Picture: EPA / NIC BOTHMA

Even the most optimistic among us are wilting under the conditions prevailing worldwide. There’s hardly a country unaffected by negative influences politically, medically, environmentally and socio-economically. Let’s start with the real baddie. The coronavirus has radically changed the way we live. Unemployment, already a problem before the repulsive ingestion of Chinese bat brew, is reaching new highs with the attendant widespread poverty. So, there’s no surprise at the uncontrollable crime rate. Farm and domestic murders, gender abuse, rape, hijacking and armed robberies have become a way of life. And gangs flourish. ALSO READ: Putco ‘forced’ retrench over 200 employees as...