Professor Raymond Parsons
3 minute read
30 Dec 2020
5:07 am

Will 2021 be a game changer for SA?

Professor Raymond Parsons

Next year must prove that bigger, stronger and better South African economy is feasible.

Picture: Jacques Nelles

Most South Africans are understandably keen to see the end of 2020 and are hoping for better times in 2021, after what has been a roller-coaster year for SA’s political economy. “Good riddance” is how one leading commentator put it. Yet this is also a time to look forward. What is likely to be the lay of the land next year and what should be done about it? It is clear that, in the face of the recent renewed surges in the pandemic, Covid-19 exit strategies are, more than ever, a complex process of balancing trade-offs, handling fears and maintaining...