Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
30 Dec 2020
5:10 am

ANC consistently fails to rise to the occasion

Cliff Buchler

The ruling party is incompetent. Its 'ingredients' (corrupt cadres) make it unappetising, useless.


Let’s say the ANC was a product brand like Marmite. How would it rate among households fussy about what they use and eat? If placed on supermarket shelves, what response would it get? We know what happened in June when, almost overnight, Marmite disappeared off the shelves. Shoppers looked on with disbelieve at the empty space usually earmarked for the yeasty sandwich spread. Wily merchandisers made sure the signage remained on that spot, subtly keeping the brand alive, with the promise that it would make a comeback. Evidently the reason for its absence was a worldwide shortage of brewer’s yeast,...