Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
7 Dec 2020
4:30 am

Christmas cheer: Fake it till you make it this year

Jennie Ridyard

My choccies fell in a puddle. The fairy lights didn’t work. The Christmas tree fell over, its metal stand snapped inside the trunk. I had to drill another hole, get another stand...

Image: iStock

I wasn’t feeling Christmas at all. Was it just me? The thought of all that effort and mandatory happiness … really? In a global pandemic? When my dad has died? When my oldest son has moved continents? Regardless, everyone on my street started putting up their Christmas trees. My house looked a bit cheerless in comparison, but the trouble didn’t seem worth it. “Let’s not do presents this year,” I said to Himself. “I’m not feeling it.” “But I’ve already got you stuff!” he protested. “Of course we must do pressies!” Did I have to write cards though, I wondered?...