Hagen Engler
3 minute read
19 Nov 2020
4:42 pm

For our government to better serve us, it needs our support

Hagen Engler

It might sound like an absurd idea, considering the way things are going, but why don't we start supporting government and working toward improving the state of SA's civil service?

Picture: iStock

We should all be ready to work in government. I sense some of you grimacing  at the very thought. But it’s not impossible. In a country where around two million people are government employees, out of an employed workforce of 14.7 million, the chances of you finding yourself in the civil service are significant. Government is critical to our functioning as a country. It is government that facilitates the building of the infrastructure that keeps our economy functioning and our people alive. Water, electricity, sanitation, even telecommunications… that’s government at work. At times of national crisis, it is government that...