1 minute read
30 Jul 2020
4:55 am

You’re sorry, well that’s okay, then


In the ANC, clearly, virtue is not its own reward.

Khusela Diko. Picture: Instagram/ khuselas

"Years of cronyism have created an environment of mistrust and suspicion when individuals, who are close to political office and influence, are seen to be benefiting from the state in ways that may be unethical.” That spot-on description of South Africa under the always-hungry ANC government, comes from people close to the feeding trough – Presidential spokesperson Khusela Diko and her husband, King Madzikane II Diko. They have now apologised for being caught trying to get tenders for R125 million of Covid-19 personal protective equipment. They say the contract has been cancelled and “we deeply regret the error of judgment”....