2 minute read
27 Jul 2020
4:45 am

Alcohol is not the real problem


Address the real problem of abuse and half the battle will be won. If we don’t, this problem will be with us for generations to come.

Picture: AFP/Gulshan Khan

Since lockdown was implemented in March, government have stood firm with their stance that an alcohol ban will save hospital capacity and save lives, based on scientific evidence. Now, a new study is questioning the logic of this, exposing flaws in the government’s decision to enforce a liquor ban. The sale of alcohol has twice been banned since lockdown was enforced in March, with President Cyril Ramaphosa reinstating the ban two weeks ago. According to Afrikaans Sunday newspaper Rapport, a new study has cast doubt on government’s stance that the liquor ban will “save hospital capacity”. University of the Witwatersrand...