Hagen Engler
4 minute read
23 Jul 2020
6:56 pm

If all players are invested, we can build a better Bloxburg

Hagen Engler

The virtual world of Roblox serves as a metaphor, where those who have little to live for and little invested are more likely to just die in despair, while those with more to lose generally want things to continue along the path it is.

Roblox has become one of the most popular online gaming services among younger players thanks to workd of mouth . AFP/Lionel BONAVENTURE

If you’re not a gamer, perhaps someone has tried to get you into gaming. And if the exercise failed to pique your interest, you will know that peculiar feeling of playing a game that you’re simply not invested in. I had his experience recently, when my lovely seven-year-old daughter tried to teach me how to play on Roblox, the online gaming platform she is gradually becoming consumed by. I say gaming platform, because from what I can tell, it’s not just a game, it is an ecosystem of games within games! It’s a fascinating concept, and it was certainly interested...