1 minute read
23 Jun 2020
5:35 am

To survive, we must help each other while helping ourselves

Whoever you are – unemployed, retrenched, or reduced-salary – you’re going to have to make a plan. That plan lies in helping each other while we help ourselves.

A fruit and vegetable vendor in Alexandra, Johannesburg sells her goods while wearing a mask, traders are allowed to trade under the new regulations of level 4 lockdown, 5 May 2020. Picture Tracy Lee Stark

Four months into the global coronavirus crisis – whose death toll might be overshadowed by the long-term devastation on society wrought by lockdowns – it has become a cliché to say humanity now has the opportunity to push the “reset” button. At best, there will be global recession; at worst a full-blown depression, the likes of which haven’t been experienced since after the 1929 stock market crash. How do we “reset” in the midst of that? In a country like South Africa – with vast poverty and limited state resources (even before these get looted) – there is simply not...