Ndzipo Kalipa
4 minute read
18 Jun 2020
2:01 pm

Liberation war and/or counter revolution?

Ndzipo Kalipa

People are not standing up because they are afraid of anything, but because they have lost hope that our country will ever be change

Newly elected secretary general of South African Communist Party (SACP) Chris Hani speaks at a press conference on the third day of the first SACP legal congress inside South Africa in 41 years, in Soweto on December 07, 1991. Picture: AFP PHOTO

Every time people write about this subject - be it academics, politicians, business people or even revolutionaries, they always do so having taken side of either those in power or on the receiving end of power dominance. It's on extremely rare occasions were the class perspective is given the prominence and context it deserves. The South African liberation struggle, much as it has taken a national form, its class content has always been a contested subject within both Congress Alliance and outside of it, in, for instance organisations such as the PAC of Azania and other left organisations including the...