Kabelo Chabalala
4 minute read
10 Jun 2020
2:31 pm

Black lives matter, but some apparently more than others

Kabelo Chabalala

We're right to be angry about George Floyd's death at the hands of a US cop, but we should be far angrier about lives lost to police brutality right here in South Africa.

Kabelo Chabalala.

It would be so great if all the black lives that matter – mattered equally. Sadly, they don’t. There is a class or a form of grade to which black life or lives matter, where we should stop for a minute and observe a moment of silence or demonstrate at embassies or any building of significance. We use hashtags and the country will even stand still for a few days. Here in South Africa we recently lost the life of Collins Khosa due to the brutality of the army forces and police personnel and nobody declared a social media blackout...