Brendan Seery
Deputy Editor
3 minute read
4 May 2020
7:00 am

Covid-19 has us questioning whether we’ll live, and what we may live to find

Brendan Seery

There are probably thousands of other families around the world who have been through something similar – but, sadly, many more who had to let their loved ones go, often without being able to say goodbye.

I had a Skype conversation with my cousin Sean in London on Saturday. His goatee beard has got a little greyer since the last time we spoke but his wacky sense of humour is still the same. It was a conversation I feared I would never get to have with him. For the past 38 days, he has been in the intensive care unit in a London hospital, hovering between life and death, much of the time unaware of the grim battle being fought by his body and the medical staff against the evil unleashed by the coronavirus. That little...