Kaunda Selisho
Lifestyle Journalist
3 minute read
6 Mar 2020
6:25 am

Panic over coronavirus? Not me…

Kaunda Selisho

If anything, I’m more concerned about the global economic impact of the disease than I am about my chances of contracting it.

Operators of 'Napoli Servizi' sanitize the San Paolo stadium in Naples to prevent the dangers of contagion of Coronavirus, Naples, Italy, 04 March 2020. Officials said on 03 March that the number of Coronavirus cases in Italy, the center of Europe's COVID-19 outbreak, rose by almost 500 to 2,502 cases, and death toll hit 79. Picture: EPA-EFE/CIRO FUSCO

Even with the confirmation of SA’s first case of the coronavirus on Thursday, I am not as panic-stricken as I should be about how much of an effect this outbreak could have on me personally. In fact, most of my fake panic is reserved solely for online banter with people who are genuinely concerned about the impact of this virus. So concerned are my fellow South Africans that they have depleted face mask and hand sanitiser stocks in pharmacies countrywide. Additionally, they have become coronavirus experts, extolling the virtues of good hygiene online and monitoring the global movements of the...