Richard Anthony Chemaly
4 minute read
3 Mar 2020
6:54 pm

If you fail to catch an AKA, could you get in trouble?

Richard Anthony Chemaly

This kind of issue is a typical go-to theme for high school debating because there just is no definitive answer.

From Hillsborough to Moses Mabhida, historically, we’ve had various scenarios revolving around bad fan conduct and dragging the respective brand into it. Obviously it’s not an exclusively South African problem but that doesn’t make it a problem South Africa shouldn’t tackle. It’s also a problem we’ve tackled well. This weekend, the internet gave us a delightful video of South African rapper AKA succumbing to the great delusion that he’s an 80s rock star. In short, he attempted a stage dive and the crowd was not in the mood to catch him. While they hold no legal responsibility to catch him,...