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21 Feb 2020
5:33 am

Government’s ‘I got mine’ attitude is holding SA back from achieving greatness

The legacy of apartheid does not excuse the fact that so many people in government have set out to enrich themselves at the bottom of the social pyramid.

A creche in Plastic City before a makeover. File image for illustration.

In the midst of so many stories about people suffering when they shouldn’t have to, the sad tale of children at a creche in an informal settlement outside Cosmo City, north of Joburg, is still one to make you shake your head in dismay. At a time when these kids should be getting the best possible start in life, the carers and teachers have to struggle to get them the basic necessities, including water. That’s because there is only one working municipal water tap in the community out of the 89 which have been installed. Now, say the creche workers,...