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6 Jan 2020
6:05 am

Eskom and the ANC-connected’s blood-sucking knows no limit

What the parastatal disaster shows, beyond all doubt, is that state-owned enterprises are being preyed upon without shame.

Image: iStock

If Alice were to emerge from the rabbit hole in Wonderland and suddenly find herself in the middle of modern-day South Africa, she wouldn’t notice much difference. In a country where logic is conspicuous by its absence and where outrageous cheek is the order of the day, the news that Eskom is planning to pay performance bonuses of R1.8 billion still beggars belief. And the report on the bonuses appeared in City Press newspaper just as Eskom declared countrywide stage 2 load shedding. But it gets worse. According to the report, Eskom intends scalping its long-suffering consumers for a further...