Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
6 Jan 2020
6:10 am

My heart aches over my dear dad…

Jennie Ridyard

Yes, we are the products of our parents, for better or for worse. In my case, I like to think it’s for the better.

Jennie Ridyard.

I started the decade with a growing fear: is this the decade when I lose my parents? Might this (whisper it) even be the year? I had this horrible notion because my dad isn’t well. We don’t know what’s wrong with him in particular yet, apart from creeping old age – and old age is not for sissies – but he’s not himself. He’s very far from himself in fact, so far that I don’t think he even sees it. It's breaking my heart. I’ve been visiting my parents but currently, I’m at my own house in the Cape, a...