Cliff Buchler
2 minute read
11 Dec 2019
6:20 am

We need a magic moment, Fairy Godmother

Cliff Buchler

Be around at the ballot boxes during municipal by-elections, making sure the right party gets the nod. This country is crying out for change.

Fairy godmother. Picture: Twitter /

Dear Fairy Godmother, I habitually write to Santa this time of the year requesting special gifts – not to fill my badly laddered stocking, but to do something for the community. But the old boy is losing it and tends to forget salient points. Last year, I asked him to hijack parliamentarians and put them down on some far-off planet. They’re still around, befouling the nation with corruption and incompetency. As you know, Santa is not obliged to answer letters or give any explanation as to why he doesn’t deliver. I was thoroughly disappointed to see the same bunch either...