1 minute read
4 Dec 2019
6:27 am

Decision on e-tolls won’t be a Christmas present

If the authorities try to persecute non-payers – while doing nothing about non-payment for electricity in Soweto – they could have even more of a revolt on their hands.

Picture: Michel Bega

First it was going to be August, then October… so you’ll forgive us if we don’t hold our breath waiting for the government’s “final” decision on e-tolls, despite Transport Minister Fikile Mbalula’s assurance that we will know “by Christmas”. It remains to be seen whether e-toll highway users (those who pay and those who don’t) regard the upcoming announcement in the same way as one would a present … or whether it will be a punishment. The contract to manage the toll collection system – which was held by Austrian-connected company ETC – expired on Monday and, so far, there...