Jennie Ridyard
2 minute read
21 Oct 2019
6:19 am

Brexit is not going to conclude anytime soon, it’ll drag on … and on…

Jennie Ridyard

If you’re wondering what’s different, I have done the homework.

Jennie Ridyard.

In Central Park last week, I got chatting to an old lady walking her dog. “Tell me,” she said, pensive, “what must the rest of the world think of us, of our dreadful government? It’s such an embarrassment.” I matched her grimace. “You’re okay at the moment,” I said. “We’re all too busy ogling the Brexit circus.” Which was a little bit true. We’re all aware of Brexit, aka Make the United Kingdom Great Again (MUKGA hat anyone?), whatever our opinions – and it seems many expats in South Africa and elsewhere rather fancy it. Might the international editions of...