Earl Coetzee
Premium News Editor
3 minute read
11 Oct 2019
7:22 am

#I’mAlsoStaying. So what?

Earl Coetzee

Here are some realities of our country and, until you can face them head-on, your inspirational Facebook groups are no more than a massive public wank.

Earl Coetzee.

I have no plans for leaving this country, just in case someone cares to know. I’m sure no one does, but I’ll tell you anyway, because, you know... Clout! I live in a relatively nice suburban enclave, sheltered from much of the issues plaguing the majority of our population. The regular patrols by armed response, high walls and access control mean I’ve fallen asleep with my front door unlocked and awoken to find that I was still alive. Not just that, but not a single thing was stolen. I even take the occasional walk around my neighbourhood, fairly confident that...