Ben Trovato
6 minute read
19 Jun 2019
12:15 am

White knights of AfriForum to the rescue

Ben Trovato

'Hi, my name's Ben and I once lived in Fish Hoek.'

There are no support groups for people like me. Perhaps the shame is too great. And so the yearning for unburdening and cupidity for catharsis remains unrequited. At the crack of a day's dawn, I escaped from my marriage. It was outrageously dysfunctional, even by my standards. I drifted further south, to a smaller village where everyone looks as if they've just been shipwrecked. I blended right in. Best I don't get sidetracked. A couple of weeks ago, this popped up on Facebook. "Fish Hoek Tourism offers holistic health holidays and until recently visitors arrived to enjoy the many pastimes...