Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo
2 minute read
19 Sep 2019
7:00 am

We can learn many lessons from foreigners

Kekeletso Nakeli-Dhliwayo

We are not willing to work. We won’t take opportunities that are available while we improve ourselves for the opportunities we want.

A Zenzele informal settlement Spaza shop that sells petrol and parrafin in Westonaria, Randfontein, 20 June 2018. Picture: Nigel Sibanda

And now, as the dust begins to settle and life reverts to whatever semblance of normality, now that the pangas, knives and guns have been put to bed, the time has come for South Africans to look in the mirror and ask themselves: do we know what we are becoming; do we like who we are? The recent violence was not xenophobic attacks: it was criminality disguised as xenophobia… This was symptoms of a nation who wanted someone to blame. They had to put a face to their struggles; they wanted someone whom they could identify as the cause of...