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Little hope and empty dreams

Parliament file picture

Parliament file picture

Readers are aware I’ve been watching live broadcasts of parliamentary sessions.

Probably because of the quiet hope something positive ensues out of the gobbledygook sprouted by the ‘kept’ members.

One afternoon, I dozed off – couldn’t handle the trite answers accompanied by the sniggering president. But my subconscious must’ve kept up …

“Order! Order!” speaker Mbete shouts, but is interrupted by an opposition member. “Madam Speaker, on a point of order.”

“No, no, Honourable Gallsteenhuizen, I don’t recognise you!”

“But, Madam Speaker, you called me by my name, so you must’ve recognised me. Can I repeat my point of order? It’s vital, and concerns the bona fides of the president.”

“No, no, Honourable Gallstonehouse, it can’t be a point of order because the Honourable President has never possessed any bone fides. I now call upon the Honourable President to answer your question.”

The president: “Thank you, Madam Speaker. What was the question?” “Honourable Gallstein, please repeat your question.”

“With respect, Madam Speaker, how can I ask a question before you allow my point of order? According to Rule No 206B, small a, roman figure iv, you can’t answer a question after a point of order.”

“Honourable Steengall, you’re wasting parliament’s time. But I’ll allow you your point of order.”

“Thank you, Madam Speaker. On a point of order, when is the president going to answer questions put to him? He keeps evading the question. Mr President, are you concerned over the judiciary saying you’re conflicted because of criminal charges against you? And why are you hanging on to puppet Shaun Abrahams?”

Speaker: “Mr President, you can now answer the question.”

“Heh-heh! Thank you, Madam Speaker. Heh-heh! All I heard were the words muttered by the Honourable Tronkhuizen – ‘bones’ and ‘Fido’. Bones for Fido? I have neither bones nor a dog called Fido. So I don’t possess bones for Fido. Heh! Heh! But I’m not surprised at the silly question coming from the opposition. They keep barking up the wrong tree!”

With that I awoke. But then again, was I asleep?

Cliff Buchler

Cliff Buchler


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