Amanda Watson
News Editor
4 minute read
17 May 2021
4:55 am

Mercs deny claims of saving white lives before blacks in Mozambique attacks

Amanda Watson

The total lack of co-ordination between the Mozambique security forces and Dyck Advisory Group resulted in evacuations that were racist and must be thoroughly investigated.

File picture. Mozambique army soldiers take a ride on a motorbike in the streets of Palma, Cabo Delgado, Mozambique, 12 April 2021. The violence unleashed more than three years ago in Cabo Delgado province escalated again about two weeks ago, when armed groups first attacked the town of Palma. Picture: EPA-EFE/JOAO RELVAS

Allegations by Amnesty International that “white contractors were prioritised for evacuation ahead of Black locals” when the Amarula Hotel was attacked in Palma, Mozambique, by the local Shabaab on 25 March have been slammed by the Dyck Advisory Group (DAG) and other people who were present at the time. Shabaab, also known as The Youth in Arabic, is the group fighting against Total's gas mining efforts in Cabo Del Gado, said terrorism expert Janine Opperman. In a statement, DAG noted it had rescued 24 people on the day, of which six were white and 18 were “black persons of differing...