Eric Naki
Political Editor
4 minute read
18 Aug 2020
5:05 am

SADC – a toothless bulldog protecting colonial masters’ interests

Eric Naki

Analysts say the silence of the regional body, SADC, on injustices meted out by its own members against their citizens is proof that it is no more than an old boys' club of liberation movements, who exist to serve themselves and lost relevance after Thabo Mbeki's departure.

President Cyril Ramaphosa and other Heads of State and Government during the opening session of the SADC Double Troika Summit of Heads of State and Government in Luanda, Angola. Picture: Twitter/ @PresidencyZA

The Southern African Development Council (SADC) is a useless regional body whose sole purpose for existence is to protect the power of despots, who continue serve the interests of their colonial masters. This was the view of political experts who say only a bold new breed of leaders with no liberation links could completely change SADC to become a true regional body that served the interests of the people of the region. The regional body is comprised of all Southern African states, including the islands of Madagascar and Seychelles and the Democratic Republic of the Congo, although there are question...