Gwynne Dyer
3 minute read
29 Jun 2020
5:00 am

Hey Trump! Wake up to the futility of sanctions

Gwynne Dyer

When governments impose sanctions they usually explain that they had to ‘do something’, but the new sanctions will hurt ordinary Syrians very badly.

Gwynne Dyer.

Last week the United States imposed new sanctions on Syria: a “sustained campaign of economic and political pressure” to end the nine-year war by forcing President Bashar al-Assad to United Nations-brokered peace talks where he would negotiate his departure from power. Assad’s wife was already cross about not being able to shop at Harrod’s or Bergdorf Goodman, so he should crumble any day now. Other things are crumbling already. Ordinary people’s incomes are collapsing. The price of food in Syria has doubled. Lebanon, next door, already in financial meltdown, is now seeing its large trade with Syria vanish as well....