Man rapes daughter on his wedding night, claims he thought it was his wife

The sentenced Danish man reportedly texted her the following day, calling it a ‘mistake’.

A 50-year-old Danish man has been sentenced to two years in prison after being found guilty of raping his daughter on his wedding night.

The daughter had been moved to her father’s bridal suite, after becoming too intoxicated to drive home. She was put into the bridal suite’s bed, reportedly by her father and other wedding attendees, with the father and his new wife going to sleep in the same bed roughly 90 minutes later.

Danish publication JydskeVestkysten quotes court documents saying the man grabbed his daughter at some point between 4am and 4.45am.

“When she asked him to stop and tried to sit up, he pushed her hard in the chest,” the report continues.

“After this, while she was on her back, he forced sexual intercourse despite her begging him to stop several times.”

The 20-year-old was not able to adequately defend herself due to her intoxication, said prosecutors.

The father claimed he believed he committed the act due to mistaking his daughter for his wife.

Danish publication Ekstrabladet reports there had been an exchange via text message the day after the incident.

“I think we should cease all contact,” the daughter reportedly texted. “What you have subjected me to is something I cannot accept. I asked you nicely to stop and you continued. I shouted, you continued, I hit you, you continued.”

His reply was: “I’m sorry. It was a mistake. I’m sorry. I thought it was [wife’s name]. Can’t we try to stay in touch? I’m sorry.”

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